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Raw crystal

This is a souvenir from Sahara desert. A friend of mine found this raw crystal as a complete stone, and hammered it. The place is not for ordinary traveler, for she had to drive no man’s land using 4WD and took several days to get there. (Quite precious, isn’t it?)

She said to me “Hey, I still have some complete stones. Why don’t we crack’em up together?” but at that time I told her “Sorry I haven’t got any hammer here”. Maybe I should’ve tried (that might’ve been fun), but it’s okay. Anyway, that’s how she selected one of her favorite and brought it to me as a gift.

I chose this crystal for my 2nd doodling just because it was right in front of me. The stone is actually more reddish since it came from Sahara desert, but I wanted to make it to look more mystical, so I painted it with Photoshop to add some imaginary turquoise glow.

Raw crystal