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Bluetooth mouse

On my 3rd day of doodling, I had no idea what to draw. So I chose whatever I saw on my desk, a small bluetooth mouse. At this point, I was kind of getting bored of drawing something I don’t really care. What’s so exciting about this? What should I draw from tomorrow? But anyway, it’s so embarrassing if I quit this in 3 days, so I just went on with this poor mouse.

I recall myself and think, “Why didn’t I choose to draw something more obvious, like a laptop PC?” The reason was, because I knew it’s gonna be too much for me. I just wanted to say I drew something, so it wasn’t creative at all…

So, when I decided to color this, I felt like turning this boring doodle into something which gives completely different impression. That’s the reason I’ve painted it with iridescent looking colors (when actual mouse is dark gray lol). To my surprise, I enjoyed this process very much, compared to my first attempt out of un-excitement 🙂

Bluetooth mouse