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Crystal cluster

Here’s my 6th doodle, which is my favorite crystal cluster which I cherished for long time. I think I bought this more than 20 years ago, when I wasn’t even married yet.

One day I entered a new stone shop around the corner (on a whim), and found this in a discount basket placed on the floor. The price was affordable, somewhere around $10, so I bought it without a second thought.

It was apparently “junk crystal” at the shop, but when I had a closer look at home, I found this crystal unbelievably flawless. The points were perfectly preserved, and it even had iridescent sparks within. It was so beautiful I kept it as my treasure until now.

Since then, I’ve seen lots of stone shops, but I could never find any crystal cluster better than this one. So I decided to color this with clear blue shine. Of course this is not the actual color, but for me, this blue represent its flawlessness. Although the sketch may be rough, I really love this color.

Crystal cluster