Naochka Gallery

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Location: Tokyo

Hi, I’m Naochka. Female, Born 1975, Living in Tokyo.
I was crazy about drawing since my childhood, but after I had a divorce during my 20’s, I somehow lost all of my talent. Since then I just gave up drawing, and worked as a web designer for long time. I really liked my job, until I experienced severe sickness — which, I think, was my turning point.

One day in 2019, one of my sincere friend recommended me to “doodle everyday”. At the beginning, I was really awkward with that idea, but I started doodling anyway. One month later, I couldn’t believe myself drawing just like when I was young. I started having desire to improve my drawing, so I decided to make this web gallery for keeping track of myself. (Gallery starting Feb. 2020)

By the way, I was also a traveler back then. Naochka (Наочка) is my favorite nickname given by a Russian friend.