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Curry to go

iOS App “Curry to GO” is a domestic app specialized in searching curry restaurants in Japan, which I took part in designing. (The developers are my friends)

To use this app, you must be in Japan. Suppose you are, and it will let you know all existing curry restaurants in your vicinity. You might wonder why Japanese people being so enthusiastic about curry gourmet, but nowadays it’s part of our culture and there are lots of curry restaurants in Japan.

“Curry to Go” App icon


App designing is quite interesting, because it’s a lot more than just making a flat visual image. Designer has to understand both developer’s and user’s point of view. Also it has big impact on user interface and user experience (UI/UX). For me, it was really fun involving this project, and I’d like to thank developer team a lot.

Here are some designs I’ve offered. (These images are made with Photoshop, so it’s bit different from actual app.)

“Curry to Go” Splash image

“Curry to GO” list image

“Curry to GO” detail image