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Mikhail (WP Theme)

This is my original WordPress theme “Mikhail”, which I worked on during this May. This was my first attempt to develop an original theme. I’m used to HTML / CSS designing, but I had no experience in WordPress. To me, it was a big challenge from the start. I didn’t even know if I could make it, but I made it anyway 🙂 I named it after my Russian friend Mikhail, who tragically died from fire in 2014.

PC Layout
PC Layout

I really worked hard on “annual archive widget” feature, which by default is displayed monthly. It’s okay when there’s only few months of posts, but when you run the blog for years it becomes too long. That’s why sorting it by year makes it nice and compact. (I don’t understand why WordPress does not provide this option by default, it’s very useful)

This is tablet layout especially for horizontal use. (When used in landscape, the screen-width is same as PC layout)

Also, this narrow layout is for smartphones. Since most of the visitors are using mobile devices nowadays, smartphone layout is quite essential in WordPress theme designing.

I really enjoyed making this theme. Thanks to all my friends who have encouraged me with this. Someday I’d like to launch a demo site and start distributing my original WordPress themes.